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CamCard - Business card scanner & reader
Read business cards accurately in 17 language...
iPhone business app
KaiCards - business card maker
Create and print your personal business cards...
iPhone and iPad business app
ScanBizCards Lite Business Card Scanner + Reader
Business App Scanner | Scan Business Cards Ap...
iPhone and iPad business app
Business Card Reader Pro
"If you're a mobile networker, this is an app...
iPhone business app
WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader
Wall Street Journal recommends it to all prof...
iPhone business app
ScanCard - Business Card Reader(European Version)
【This is the European version of ScanCard, wh...
iPhone business app
SamCard-Card Reader&business card scanner&visiting
Recognition Languages: English, French, Ger...
iPhone business app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad

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Business Card Apps to Create Your Powerful Tool
These business card apps really come in handy to businessmen, politicians, teachers, real estate agents, policemen, detectives, taxi drivers, actors, lawyers and almost everybody in every profession all over the globe. However, as time passes by, the more we get busy, the more we cannot be so much sociable enough to talk to people. This is why every second of every minute counts (like the number of minutes I am writing this whole paragraph) and introducing yourself as well as your business with a person will not benefit you both.
A business card is really the tool which knows what to tell the person and how much information will it give. But what if your card case or your wallet is already out of business cards? What will you do? This is then the role of your iPhone and your business card app. It is so easy. Just like getting the number of the girl you saw at the mall. Or just like sending a text message to your wife because you will have to work overtime. Well the only difference is that you just have to send your business card through mail, Bluetooth and whatever the person requested.
These apps will let you create, customize, share and send business cards. These visual cards will then be passed on from person to person and will still give the same message. You can also pick information that you only want to give to the client such as not giving your private or home phone number.
Although the business cards are just like forms of which your name, business, address and contacts and other details are contained, these are powerful tools which can insert hundreds and thousands of dollars into that rugged and hungry wallet. These cards are useful because they are energy-saving, cost-effective, and low-tech or high-tech. These compact business resume is very much ignored nowadays but businesses before such as those huge restaurants succeeded because of those business cards they passed on to people.
Business card apps can be considered as one of your strongest tool to bring additional revenue to your business and eventually will let this business grow and mature.
When using these apps to create business cards, here are some details which you might consider to add. Of course, do not forget your name, position in the company, the name of the company or business, your contact numbers, website of the business and email address. It is also wise to put your picture, a picture of the product you are selling or the photo of the company building. This will always remind the people about your business or your conversation when you were in the coffee shop. Research also shows that people keep and remember business cards which have pictures in it. You might want to try!
Business card apps can give you endless customization of your card – from simple to complicated, from plain to prints, from small to big sizes, from summarized to detailed and from small-scaled to large-scaled business, it does not matter!
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