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Box for iPhone and iPad
** Featured by Apple in Best New Apps and Bes...
iPhone and iPad business app
MediaFire - Cloud Storage and Photo Backup
MediaFire lets you easily upload all your fil...
iPhone and iPad business app
Rainbow-Sync your data between cloud services
How difficult is to sync two folders? How dif...
iPhone and iPad business app
Passwords Plus - Free Secure Vault
“Can’t live without it” is the most common th...
iPhone and iPad business app
Cloud Connect Pro
Unleash the true power of your iPad and iPhon...
iPhone and iPad business app
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The Benefits of Cloud Business Apps
Efficiency always follows every time you use Cloud business apps. If you haven’t, it’s about time that you consider using this innovation to streamline your business. Cloud helps businesses rapidly deploy their services. Without it, it would take weeks before these services become available to the consumers. Apart from it, Cloud makes it convenient for you to compute your resources and improve your storage capacity. But, there is more to cloud than the things mentioned above.
Agility – Getting your resources when you need them can significantly shorten IT projects. It results to reduced FTE and you will be able to deliver the project in a quicker fashion. The time-to market will also be more predictive. Consequently, your business will see substantial improvements and this will give you the competitive edge over your competitors. Imagine being able to do data analysis in three weeks rather than four months.
Innovative Business Models – Cloud services enables easy start for business innovation. Using these technologies often results in business models that are definitely new and innovative. They generate new value propositions that ultimately result to new streams of revenue. In fact, companies that build value propositions and new business models using cloud services solely are getting less uncommon. These are particularly true for small and medium businesses.
Reduced Operation Issues – All businesses know that a streamlined service reduces defects and issues. Since you do not have to spend time dealing with these issues, you have more time for focusing on your operations. You can simply focus more on important matters. On top of that, cloud allows you to repetitively deploy the same topology or service and get the same results all the time. And this will let you predicatively arrange application services and pre-build server images, or define entire application landscapes through design patterns.
Better Resource Usage – On a different side of business agility, your efficient projects and operational approaches can buy more time for your staff. On this note, your employees can have more time to use for activities that are more useful and valuable to your business. This aspect of may be difficult to quantify because organizations benefit from this in their own different ways. The bottom line is, your people are your greatest asset and by using cloud, they become more efficient.
Reduced Expenditure – There are debates regarding switching to operational exchange (opex) from capital exchange (capex). But generally, the opex model is preferred more especially for medium and short term projects. That’s because the opex does not require financial commitments. It allows you to start projects more immediately and end them without losing your investments in cloud.
There is more to cloud than the technology alone. If you look around, you will see that more and more businesses are using it to their advantage. Finding cloud business apps are not at all difficult. If you are a Mac user, you can simply go to iTunes and download iPhone and iPad business apps. Start harnessing the benefits of cloud. Get your business apps today.
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