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Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker
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Smart Plans - Multi Planner
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Access Mobile Database Client
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One of the worst problems during an emergency is that we do not know the hotline of the different departments in our local area. Aside from 911, what others can you think of? If you can give others you might want to consider those who do not know any. How about those in the other areas which does not have a 911 emergency hotline? A lot of people are barely interested in emergencies. But in fact, we do not know our fate when it comes to safety. Well here are some report apps which are now available in the market. These apps can save us and others from danger. These applications are created by people who are concerned about others. So use these not only because you are concerned about others’ problems but use it for humanity purpose.
Anyway, this application when installed in your device will let you take a picture of the scene, type and send a concise report of what is happening with the GPS location of your phone. This application and your phone will then become the guide of the local responders to go to the place.
1. When you see a woman continuously punched by his husband and you see this every night for almost a week now, do not hesitate to use that app. Regardless of their reason or problem, it is still unlawful to hit a person especially a woman.
2. You found yourself sleeping in a smoking room because you have forgotten to put of your cigarette and eventually the reason of the fire. What should be the first thing you do? Get out of the house! The second thing is grab that phone, take a picture of the place using the app (no need taking a picture of yourself) and send it with your real reason.
3. You are killing time in the car while waiting for the woman in the ATM machine to finish her business. Then suddenly, a man grabbed her hand by the back and put a gun against her waist. Do not panic! Do not even be a Superman-want-to-be by running towards the guy and kicking his ass off! Think smart and fast! Use that application! Next thing to do is look for a security guard or an attendant nearby and call their attention.
4. You are driving through the highway when suddenly a car is out of control driving above the speed limit. You think his engine broke because the driver is quite in panic. Then unexpectedly he hit his car into a post leaving the hood fully-deformed. Take a picture of the scene and send that using the application. Look for someone who can help you take the driver out from the car if the responders take quite some time.
There are a lot of unforeseen events that could happen to a person or two. These report apps is very useful especially in our busy community. Let us use our high technology inventions in its most productive and useful way. Download this app now!
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