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CalenGoo - for Google Calendar and iCloud
CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to acc...
iPhone and iPad business app
AppyCal - the happy calendar
iPhone business app
Week Calendar
iPhone business app
Guided Calendar ~ prayer times integrated in your calendar with Hijri date
*** FREE until the new update *** Guided Ca...
iPhone business app
QuickCal - The natural language calendar for iOS
Why should creating an event be such an event...
iPhone business app
Tiny Calendar - Sync with Google Calendar
Tiny Calendar is an intuitive smart calendar ...
iPhone and iPad business app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad

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There was a time when a desk calendar was the best corporate gift anybody could think of. Everybody had at least three or four calendars around, many of them with notes and post-its stuck all over the sheets, to keep track of important information. Now, the calendar, while more important than ever, has lost visibility a little, and has become more discreet, hiding on your iPhone or tablet in the form of calendar apps.

The importance of calendar apps is proven by their number: there are at least thirty excellent ones available today, with very nice built-in features, and hundreds of mediocre others – not to mention that new ones are being developed every week.

But what differentiates good calendar apps from the rest? There's really no universal answer, the idea is to find the application that's comfortable for you to use. Different users have different behavior patterns; some prefer an application that they can access only when needed, other prefer one that's a little more intrusive, and shows up with reminders while you're working on something else. For some, it's essential to integrate it quickly with their chosen e-mail provider, since most of the notifications and appointments are received by e-mail. Others have to add tasks manually all the time, so a quick selection of the date and time is vital.

Basically, the best approach is to have a look at screen shots from various calendar apps and to estimate which one would be suitable for your working style. You may have to download and try two or three, before you find the ideal one – but there's no need to worry, with so many such applications available, the one that's just perfect for you is out there, all you have to do is search for it.

You should pay attention, in particular, to the color coding. Something so simple and basic can actually make or break the usability of your calendar. It's best to find an application that allows you to customize colors according to your needs – for example, some people are satisfied with having their urgent tasks marked with red, and their low-priority ones marked with green, but for others, it may be vital to mark appointments related to a project with a color, tasks related to management issues with another color, invoicing tasks with a different one, and so on.

Also, it's important to decide from the beginning whether you want to use one or several calendar apps in order to keep business and private data. Sometimes it's better to keep your private data separately, so that you don't accidentally share the calendar with your co-workers and reveal embarrassing details of your life. Some of the applications will allow exports on certain criteria, so that you can set private filters for things you want to keep for yourself.

All in all, it's time to accept that we simply cannot keep track of everything that needs to be done on a daily basis without the help of an application anymore. There are so many small, but important details to remember, that it takes a piece of software to keep track of everything, where our human memory fails.
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