Appgrade your trip

Top 10 business apps that will help you be successful are right here at

There are already hundreds or maybe thousands of business applications available in the app store but here is a list of 10 business apps which I think are useful and handy. Only some may be considered as the best iPhone and iPad business applications so the following were chosen based on their functions and importance.

1. Apps where you can edit documents

While you were having a vacation with your family and friends then something came up, do not panic! If it is about forgetting to edit that form your secretary gave you, which is going to be presented to your business partners within three hours from the time you are grilling that barbecue, take a deep breath. There is a solution to what you are worrying about. Stop whining! Give that barbecue tong to your cousin, sit down, get your iPad and do the editing. After it is done, send that to your secretary and viola! You will already be out there swimming with your family! By the way, you can edit your documents in Excel spreadsheet, Power point and word.

2. Apps to organize your meetings

Are you really sure you want to go home and watch that baseball game with your friends? Have not you forgotten something? Something that is really important? Something that may help you get rich? Oh yes! You have a five o’clock dinner meeting with your prospect buyer at a coffee shop around the corner! Well that is your fault not having an app that could remind you of your incoming meetings.
Well then, if you have this app in you iPad but you already got home and currently enjoying the first game, you have no choice. Turn the volume down, tell your friends to shut their mouth, take off that jersey, grab a polo shirt from your laundry basket, put that on and do not mind wearing just your boxers. All you have to do is go to a perfect and silent spot, preferably your daughter’s room, fix that hair and make that video call!

3. Free-hand note pad

Are you mad at your boss instructing you as if you are a human voice recorder? Are you tired of jotting down notes you cannot even read? Well there are not pad apps where you can type using the virtual keys or write and draw with just a touch of your finger. This is also great to use in order to share and manage ideas with your co-workers. No more writing Chinese on your handy dandy notebook because these apps can help you.

4. Apps that analyze reports

Are you all sweaty when you present your work in front of your prospect investors? Or nervous when your boss gives you statistical data and you were asked to explain it? Well there are apps which can give you conclusions in no time. Do not waste your time doing pointless arithmetic that you yourself cannot even understand.

5. Apps that will help you create a presentation.

It is four hours before the joint meeting with your partners all away from Boston. But Bob is not still around. He should already prepare the presentation then suddenly his wife called telling Bob had been through an accident. What should you do now? Well if Bob can do the presentation, you can too! You know the details and data so make up a presentation of your own. Do not look for Bob’s presentation! You will surely be thoughtless when you use this.

6. Trip organizer app

Is there a storm approaching the area at around two o’clock in the afternoon? What? You have an appointment twenty-five kilometers away from here? Is that plane ticket due today at three-thirty? Well all you have to do is use the trip organizer app and ask for cancellation of flights and when will it resume. That is so easy.

7. Communication tools and apps

Are you sick and cannot resume a scheduled interview? How about doing it online? Use these communication apps to interview applicants while you lie on your bed. Do not hesitate to do this. I think the interviewees can understand.

8. App that can publish and share documents

Is your business going through a rough road? How about promoting your business online? These apps will make it possible. You can also share insights to your co-workers when you are away from work.

9. Business card apps

Are you tired of introducing yourself to lots of people you meet? Send them business card online where they can find your contact details and they will surely leave a message in no time.

10. Apps that create forms

Are you still starting your business? Try starting out with these apps to make your forms. It is useful for you to understand your business trends, how you handle your expenses and how to keep your receipts.

All that and many more business apps categories are in one place called, if you are a business man this is the place for you.